Offchain to Blockchain partner.

We specialize in building decentralized applications and digital assets. Our Blockchain enabled array of products replace legacy frameworks with more secure and efficient systems


Tokenization of assets.

From art to real estate the rise of digitization is about to fundamentally change the way we own and invest in these assets. Our suite of tokenization products and marketplace helps you leverage fraction ownership and peer to peer exchange


  • Real estate tokenization
    Security token protocols
  • Digital Art and collectibles tokenization
    P2P exchange

Our solution offerings

Our suit of solutions abstract the complexity of blockchain and tokenization to enable your enterprise transition into Web 3.0


Software as a Service (SaaS).

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).

Tokenization as a Service (TaaS).

Case Studies

  • “Singularchain is a core contributor to the open decentralized network - Autonomy. We build our decentralized applications as digital native organizations to enable user ownership. With the advent of Web 3.0 we will see internet platforms which are not only funded and used by the users but also owned by users.”

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